Unit Plan/Activities
Websites to Review
Review Games
Camtasia Videos or YouTube Videos
Data Analysis Unit
Data Analysis Unit Plan

Safety contract

Developing Observational Skills

Equipment Review

Equipment Pictures

Lava Lamp

Measurement Practice

Penny Lab

Significant Digits Practice

Significant Digits Practice
Equipment Quizlet

Data Analysis

Tie Dying Instructions
Safety and Equipment
Significant digits and measurement

Making Observations

Unit 2 Atoms
Atoms Unit Plan

PBS Atom Builder worksheet

Average Atomic Mass Worksheet

Beverage Density Lab

Coloring the Periodic Table

Exploring Division

Isotopes of Pennies

Parts of the Atom

Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment

Scientists that Contributed to the Atom Worksheet

Significant Digits Introduction

significant digits practice
Atoms Quizlet
Changing model of the atom


Atom Review
Atom Jeopardy

Atom Jeopardy 2

Radioactive isotope use

Drawing Bohr Diagrams

Calculating Average Atomic Mass

Unit 3 Ionic and Metallic Bonding
Unit Plan

writing chemical formulas

review puzzle piece activity

bonds word sort and vocabulary
naming ionic bonds practice

ionic bonds and polyatomic practice
Nomenclature and writing formulas
bonds millionaire 1

bonds millionaire

bonds nonmusical chairs review

ionic bonds jeopardy

Unit 4 Covalent Bonding
covalent bonding unit plan

splatter test lab


VSEPR reference chart

reading guide

hybridization worksheet
Covalent Naming Quizlet Practice
lewis structure


geometries pictures

splatter test lab
Covalent Bonds
Covlalent Bonds Jeopardy
lewis structure review

molecular geometry review

naming practice

Unit 5 Measuring Matter
Aluminum Can Activity

dozen moles concept

Unit 4 plan
Measuring Matter quizlet practice
adding molar mass

mass to moles and moles to mass

percent composition and hydrates
measuring matter jeopardy

measuring matter millionaire

question cards no answer

question cards with answer
converting grams to moles and moles to grams

calculating molar mass

converting cartoon

atoms to moles and moles to atoms

calculating percentage, empirical formulas and molecular formulas

hydrate lab video

solving percent water in a compound

Unit 6 Reactions
Unit 6 Reactions Plan
Reactions Quizlet
Reactions Introduction powerpoint

Classifying Chemical Reactions powerpoint
Trivia Chemical Reactions

Reactions Jeopardy

Reactions Millionaire

Semester test review

Fall Semester Review Onitl

fall semester review unit 2 Pg.

Unit 2 Page2

unit 2 page 3

unit 2 page 4

ionic page 5

covalent page 5

bonds page 6

properties page 6

unit 5 vsepr page 7

unit 5 hybrid page 7

unit 6 page 8

empirical and molecular page 8

reactions page 9

reactions page 9

limiting page 10

% yield page 10

stoich page 11

crib sheet instructions
Unit Plan

Units Crossword

Specific Heat Lab

Ice Cream Article

Salting the Roads Article

The Big Reveal

Gases Unit Plan

boyles law problems

boyle's law lab

pressure temperature lab

charles' law problems

gas law problems
gases quizlet
gases introduction powerpoint

gas law review powerpoint
Gases Millionaire

Gas Law Millionaire 2
Crash course in ideal gas law

Real Gases Crash Course

Gases Khan Academ

solutions powerpoint
solutions question cards

solutions review

acids and bases
acid and base unit plan

acids and bases powerpoint
jeopardy acids and bases

acid base millionaire