Unit Plan
Review Games
Camtasia Videos or YouTube Videos
Intro Plan
Density of Drinks Lab

Group Equipment

Equipment Pictures

Percentage of Water in Popcorn

Measurement Practice

Safety Contract FLINN

Significant Digits Introduction

Significant Digits Practice

Tie Dye Instructions
Equipment Quizlet

Introduction Vocab Quizlet
chemistry Calculations

Chemistry Intro Millionaire

chemistry review

Safety and Equipment Review
Significant Digits and Measurement
Atoms/Periodic Table
Atoms Unit Plan
Atomic Structure

Parts of the Atom Worksheet

Bean Bag Isotopes

Bean Bag Isotopes Reading

Bean Bag Isotopes Answer Sheet

Coloring the Periodic Table Directions

Scientists that contributed to the model of the atom worksheet
Atoms, Periodic Table and Electron configuration Quizlet

Mendeleev's Castle Website
Changing model of the atom

Atoms Elements

Periodic Table Groups ppt

Atomic Review

Periodic Table ppt

Periodic Trends ppt

Electron Configuration notes practice

Quantum numbers and electron configuration ppt
Atom Jeopardy

Atoms Jeopardy 2

Atom Nonmusical Chairs Review

Periodic Law Review game

chemistry review

board game questions/answers
A Crash Course in Atoms

Uses of Radioactive isotopes

Finding average atomic mass

Drawing Bohr Diagrams

Drawing electron dot diagrams (first 5 minutes only!)

Parts of the Atoms Worksheet

Electron configuration

Electron configuration 2

elements khan academy

khan academy electrons and orbitals
Ionic Bonding

Unit plan

bonds word sort and vocabulary

review puzzle piece activity

writing chemical formulas pdf
Ionic Bonding naming and polyatomic ions quizlet practice

Naming ionic bonds practice quizlet #2
Nomenclature and writing formulas

Bonds Millionaire

ionic bonds jeopardy

bonds millionaire 2

ionic bonds nonmusical chairs review
khan academy periodic table, electronegativity, ionic, covalent, metallic bond etc.
Covalent Bonding

Unit 3 Covalent Bonding Unit plan

Content Reading worksheet

splatter test lab

hybridization worksheet

VSEPR theory follow along

VSEPR diagram sheet
Naming covalent compounds quizlet practice
Lewis Introduction

naming covalent compounds

pictures of molecular geometry

splatter test lab background and procedure
covalent bonds jeopardy

covalent bonds trivia

lewis structures review

molecular geometry review

naming covalent compounds practice
electronegativity, ionic, covalent, metallic bond etc.

Time for Me to Leaf: Tree Chlorophyll Chromatography

Unit 4 Measuring Matter Unit plan

Aluminum Can Activity

Dozen eggs analogy

Sodium activity

hydrate lab

molar mass worksheet
Quizlet practice
Adding molar mass

Moles to mass and mass to moles

percent composition and hydrates
measuring matter jeopardy

measuring matter millionaire

question card review no answers

question cards with answers
khan academy

converting grams to moles and moles to grams

calculating molar mass
atoms to moles and moles to atoms conversions

finding percentage composition, percent by mass, empirical formulas, and molecular formulas

hydrates lab video

solving percent water in a hydrate
Reactions Unit Plan
endothermic/exothermic lab

chemical reactions review page 1

chemical reactions review page 2
Chemical Reactions Quizlet
Chemical Reactions introduction

Classification of Chemical Reactions
Reactions millionaire

Reactions jeopardy

Reactions trivia
khan academy

conversions cartoon

Remembering solubility rules tricks

Writing net ionic equations
Unit Plan

khan academy

1a limiting

1b limiting

1c limiting

2 a and b limiting

limiting 3a

3b limiting

4a limiting

4b limiting

5 % yield

6% yield

7 % yield

8% yield

stoichiometry practice test page 1

stoichiometry practice test page 2

stoichiometry practie test page 3

semester test review game
Fall Semester Review Onitl

fall semester review unit 2 Pg.

Unit 2 Page2

unit 2 page 3

unit 2 page 4

ionic page 5

covalent page 5

bonds page 6

properties page 6

unit 5 vsepr page 7

unit 5 hybrid page 7

unit 6 page 8

empirical and molecular page 8

reactions page 9

reactions page 9

limiting page 10

% yield page 10

stoich page 11

crib sheet instructions
Unit Plan

units crossword

specific heat lab

16.1 16.2 review worksheet

The Big Reveal

Ice Cream Article

Salting the Roads article

16 review sheet answer key

16.3 16.4 review sheet answer key

phase diagrams answer key

16.4 16.5 answer key
quizlet: thermochemistry
Thermochemistry overview powerpoint

Energy and Change ppt

heat in a chemical reaction ppt

thermochemical equations

calculating enthalpy change

reaction spontaneity
Energy trivia game

heat and enthalpy trivia game

phase changes review game

thermochemistry review no math

thermochemistry trivia
heat vs temperature explanation

crash course in thermochemistry

January 20th Intro lecture

January 21st demonstration in class about mixing hot and cold water and specific heat

January 22 specific heat of a metal lab data-no audio!

January 27th heat of fusion and heat of vaporization and specific heat notes
States of Matter

Gases Unit Plan
boyles law problems

boyle's law lab

pressure temperature lab

charles' law problems

gas law problems

Gases crosses

graphical analysis of boyles and lussacs
gases quizlet
Gas laws review powerpoint

gas law introduction notes
Gases Millionaire

Gas Law Millionaire 2
Crash course in ideal gas law

Real Gases Crash Course

Gases Khan Academy

Beer's Law

Solution Quizlet
solutions powerpoint

Beers Law powerpoint
solutions and mixtures review

solution Question Cards
solutions crash course
Acids and Bases
unit plan
titrations practice

aspirin titration lab
acids and bases quizlet
acid base powerpoint

titration powerpoint
acid base millionaire

nonmusical chairs acids and bases

game card questions
pH and pOH crash course

arrhenius vs bronstad lowry acids and bases

Calculating pH and pOH

Reaction Rates

Semester Test Review


nonmusical chairs review

semester review game

tic tac toe review

equilibrium and reaction rates